Preventing Workplace Burn Accidents

Central to the avoidance of burn injuries in the workplace is the establishment of effective safety procedures and comprehensive assessment of all risks in the workplace. The conduction and completion of risk assessments is required of employers by law. These assessments must detail all dangers confronted by workers, the risks they pose, and the action that should be taken to prevent related injuries. Employees need to be made fully aware of the risks identified into risk assessments during their inductions and training sessions so that they take responsibility for avoiding a workplace accident. Burns are one of the most common injuries sustained in the work place and in order to prevent such injuries, employers must be vigilant in their completion of risk assessments.

All employers have a duty of care to minimise the risks faced by their employees and secure their health, safety and wellbeing in the workplace. Fulfilling this duty will require risk assessment as mentioned above but also adequate training and the provision of all necessary safety equipment.

Steps to avoid Workplace Burn Accidents

Taking the following steps can help to avoid burn injuries in the workplace:

• Ensure that hot surfaces and equipment with the potential to cause burns has appropriate warning signs

• Train workers to spot potential burn risks and avoid actions that place them in unnecessary danger of burns

• Advise employees on how to handle hot objects/equipment or corrosive chemicals

• Ensure that employees remain alert to hot materials whilst working

• Prevent employees from performing tasks which they are inadequately trained or prepared for

• Provide all necessary equipment to prevent burns including gloves overalls, eyewear and gloves

• Ensure that employees are aware of the potential for steam and vapour to burn

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