How common are workplace burn injuries?

Every year, burn injuries are shown to be remarkably common when the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) publishes statistics into injuries suffered in the workplace. In 2010-11, 14% of all deaths in the workplace were shown to result from burns. Those burns injuries which did not cause death made up 1% of all workplace injuries which seems like a small figure but actually equates to just under 6,000 non-fatal burns injuries. Given the seriousness of burns injuries and the effect that they can have on peoples lives, this figure provides real cause for concern.

Whilst it may appear odd to differentiate between burns injuries which resulted in death and those which did not, it makes more sense when put next to figures from a study carried out in Georgia, USA in 2007. These statistics showed that:

• Of all burns injuries dealt with in US hospitals, 15% were sustained at work (versus 25% in the UK)

• 9 out of 10 were males

• 1% of cases were fatal

• The average age of burns patients was just under 40

• The average time in hospital was just over 5 days

• 29% were industrial workers

• 15% worked in electricals

• 15% worked in or around kitchens

• 13% worked with automobiles

These statistics show that those working in industry are at far greater risk of sustaining serious burns injuries than those in other sectors. Indeed, industrial workers were found to have an average of 60% of their total body surface area burnt compared to the 5% average for those working in or around kitchens. Considering that burns covering 20% of the total body surface area are considered to be severe, this is a horrifying statistic.

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