The dangers of hearing loss in the workplace

Losing your hearing due to noisiness in the workplace can have an enormous impact on the way you live your life. You may struggle to interact with your friends and family; you may not be able to understand cashiers or customer service announcements and without being able to hear oncoming cars you may feel vulnerable crossing the road. This can leave you feeling very isolated, unable to hear much other than the ringing of tinnitus for example.

Although you may feel physically fit, people begin to change their behaviour around you, perhaps not making the effort to speak to you or shouting aggressively in order for you to understand them. Perhaps you and your former workmates all suffer from hearing problems as a result of your job in the warehouse and make a racket at the pub on your monthly get-togethers. You used to say that the ringing in your ears subsided after a couple of hours but not it’s a permanent fixture and you never predicted that your working life would end due to hearing problems.

Now that you’ve spoken to a specialist work accident claims solicitor, you know that there were steps that your employer should have taken to protect your hearing but did not. You never wanted to have to take legal action against your employer but having lost your hearing and future income, you – and your friends in all likelihood – have been left with little choice.

Having investigated the employer, your solicitor informs you that the warehouse still hasn’t established effective health and safety procedures and isn’t providing employees with the personal protective equipment or training needed to ensure their well being at work. It is important that you make a claim to win compensation for the pain, suffering and financial loss you have suffered but also to make sure that no other workers go through the hardship you suffered having lost your hearing.

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