Scaffolding Accidents

Crutches Work Accident SolicitorsIt is widely recognised that construction sites can be areas of extreme danger. However, many health and safety laws are in place to ensure that you are kept as safe as possible whilst working on site. If you are injured in a scaffolding accident, we can advise you whether you can make a claim for compensation. If you can, we can also help you to make the claim and ensure that you keep all of your compensation.

Your Employer’s Duty
There are specific scaffolding regulations which your employer must follow or face criminal action. Whilst these alone do not provide you with the right to claim, your employer has a general duty to ensure that you are kept safe. Therefore, if you are injured as a result of faulty scaffolding, or incorrectly put together scaffolding, you will be able to make a claim either against your employer, or the company that put the scaffolding together on site.

Types of Scaffolding Accident
There are various types of scaffolding accident, the most common ones include:

  • scaffolding collapsing
  • scaffolding planks giving way
  • items dropping from scaffolding or building works above causing injury
  • people falling from the scaffolding

How Do You Claim For A Scaffolding Accident?
You should contact us as soon as possible so that we can provide you with the best prospects of making a successful scaffolding accident claim. We will obtain evidence to support your claim including the record of the accident in the work accident book and obtaining statements from any witnesses to the accident. We will also obtain medical evidence from the hospital or your General Practitioner to confirm the extent of your injuires.

What Compensation Can You Claim Following A Scaffolding Accident?
In addition to your claim for pain and suffering, you can also claim compensation for any lost earnings, travelling expenses, medication and treatment. We can even arrange private medical treatment for you if required.

Our Service For You
If you ask Work Accident Solicitors to help you with a scaffolding claim, you will benefit from our No Costs Offer:

  • You will not pay a penny if you win your claim.
  • You will not pay a penny if you lose your claim.
  • You will receive 100% of your compensation if your claim is successful.

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