Crush Injuries To Work Accident Victim

arm-plaster-cast.jpegBen was in his early 20s when he sustained crush injuries to his left thumb, hand, wrist and forearm when his arm was pulled into a piece of machinery at work.

Ben had not been given appropriate training to use of the machine and consequently he got tangled up in the spool of flexi-plastic that he was attempting to feed into it. As a result of this, Ben’s arm got pulled into the machine.

Our orthopaedic expert, approximately eight months after the accident, gave his opinion that Ben had made a good recovery in terms of the function of his upper limb joints and that his residual symptoms (which were comprised of intermittent pain affecting the left thumb, wrist and forearm) would resolve within a further six months.

Following negotiations between the parties, Ben recovered £3,000.00 compensation for the injuries he had sustained and, in addition he recovered his lost earnings and other out of pocket expenses.

This was another example of a case where we were able to secure an early admission of liability from the employer’s insurance company after only eight weeks.

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