Boiling Water Leads To Successful Work Accident Claim

Our client worked in a kitchen as part of his role in a public house as a trainee chef. One of the kitchen appliances was a large pot that ensured boiling hot water was always readily available. On the day of the work accident, a colleague noticed that the pot was boiling over the top of the lid. She asked our client to help her move the pot to remove some of the water to stop it boiling over. Unfortunately the lid was not correctly secured in place.

Whilst moving the pot, the lid came off causing severe burns to his waist, lap, legs and right arm. He immediately attempted to remove some of his clothing and applied cold water to his burns before the ambulance arrived. He was taken to hospital and received seven hours of specialist treatment from the burns unit.

On discharge from hospital our client was unable to leave his house for two weeks as a result of both severe pain and being advised by his consultant to keep the burns out of strong sunlight. He had difficulty sleeping on a number of occasions.

Work Accident Solicitors obtained evidence to support our client’s claim for his pain and suffering. This detailed the first degree burns, superficial burns and the permanent scarring. Full details of his claim were forwarded to his employer’s insurance company and he received a settlement of his claim in the sum of £5,000.

What Our Client Said About His Work Accident Claim
“I want to say many thanks for all your support and effort. I really appreciate that.”

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