The dangers of slips and trips at work

Every workplace should have health and safety mechanisms in place to prevent employees becoming injured after slips and trips. A Safety Management System (SMS) is therefore essential in order to protect workers confronting the hazards present in the workplace and safety procedures necessary to confront them.

Employers have a legal duty of care to protect so far as is reasonably practicable the health, safety and wellbeing of their employees. This means that should they fail to set up and implement an effective SMS they may be said to have been negligent and any victims of such negligence should seek legal advice from specialist work accident solicitors. Only in circumstances where the costs of preventing the hazard would have been grossly disproportionate to the risk posed by the hazard will there be any excuse for failing to address a health and safety hazard.

Possible Safety Risks

• Inappropriate flooring creating slip risks

• Failure to provide necessary non-slip footwear or other protective equipment to prevent slips and subsequent injuries

• A failure to place mats by doors, allowing water to be trailed through the building

• Inadequate lighting meaning that slip or trip hazards are not visible

• Inadequate training of staff meaning that they are unsure of how to prevent slips and trips

• Poor cleaning methods leaving floors wet (and possible failure to erect warning signs)

Possible Harm

Whilst slips and trips in the workplace may only result in minor injuries such as cuts and bruises, they have the potential to cause far more significant harm. This largely depends on the nature of the hazard of course. If you slip whilst carrying a caustic, corrosive or flammable substance, you may suffer burns on top of any impact injuries you sustain such as sprains or fractures. Equally, if you slip down a level or a set of steps there may be a greater risk of spinal injuries or paralysis. It should also not be forgotten that the risks posed could be psychological, therefore manifesting themselves in insomnia, flashbacks or post traumatic stress. The Health and Safety Executive found that the severity of injuries sustained is generally directly proportional to age – the older you are, the more severe your injuries are likely to be.

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