Preventing injuries caused by slips at work

Each year, figures detailing the number of accidents sustained in workplaces around the country are published by the Health and Safety Executive and year-on-year, the most common cause of workplace injuries is shown to be slips and trips. Many thousands of workers are forced to miss work as a result of injury caused by slipping or tripping at work and what is most striking about such injuries is how easy they are to avoid.

Avoiding such injuries could require a little expenditure. Equipping all employees with good quality footwear, buying effective mats to place in entrances and doorways, and mending leaking containers or roofs can all appear costly. However, if this relatively small expenditure helps to prevent a series of high value compensation claims, then employers will find such investment pays off. A little initiative can also go a long way. Using extractor fans to prevent condensation, establishing better working practices to avoid spillages or speed up cleaning, and employing spot cleaning are all methods which can help avoid slip and trip injuries.

Employers have a duty of care enshrined in the law which requires them to reduce the risks of injury to their employers however possible. This requires good planning, the provision of all necessary safety equipments to staff and adequate training in how to avoid the risks identified in risk assessments. If you can prove that your slip or trip injury came about through no fault of your own and that your employer breached their duty of care, our specialist work accident lawyers may be able to help you claim compensation.

Here are some steps which should be taken to avoid slip and trip injuries:

  • Equip all workers with suitable equipment, including shoes with adequate grip
  • Train all staff in how to avoid slips and trips
  • Ensure that signs are erected wherever there are slip and trip hazards
  • In areas which where contamination cannot be prevented, lay a rough non-slip surface
  • Fix any leaks
  • Grit surfaces if it is icy or snowy underfoot
  • Clean and dry spillages immediately
  • Provide adequate lighting

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