Workplace Dermatitis – Common Causes

Contact dermatitis is a highly unpleasant skin disease which commonly affects the hands and face often making it difficult to work or causing sufferer to worry about their appearance. Sufferers will find that their skin can become red, cracked, flaky and swollen and getting to the root of the problem is often difficult. Each year, figures from the Health and Safety Executive reveal the alarmingly number of people suffering from occupational contact dermatitis, and with many people unaware of the symptoms, there are probably many more undiagnosed cases.

Dermatitis can be divided into allergic contact dermatitis and irritant contact dermatitis. Whilst the effects of both are the same, the symptoms will appear far more quickly in allergic dermatitis cases.

Irritants include:

• Detergents such as soaps, washing powders, bleach and other cleaning agents

• Solvents like petrol and other oils

• Cement

• Some plants

Allergens include:

• Nickel and cobalt – found in many metallic objects

• Cosmetics

• Some plants

• Perfumes

• Leather, rubber and latex

These materials can be found in any sector which explains why so many people are affected by occupational contact dermatitis. However, the condition should be less common. Employers have a duty of care to protect their employers from physical or psychological harm, so if they fail to put the necessary measures in place to prevent dermatitis in the workplace they may be said to have breached this duty. Carrying out risk assessments and implementing their finding, as well as providing staff with the necessary protective equipment are essential to the prevention of occupational contact dermatitis. Furthermore, employees should be trained in how to self examine themselves for dermatitis and prevent the contraction of the condition by staying free of contaminants. If dermatitis sufferers can prove that work caused their condition and that their employer’s failure to train staff or implement control measures was to blame, they may be entitled to claim compensation.

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