Injuries sustained working in mines and quarries

The glory days of British industry have been and gone and whereas coal mining was once a booming industry, there are now just 100 mines employing a mere 6,000 people. Most of the health and safety laws regarding mining were… Continue reading

Noise induced hearing loss at work – claiming compensation

Losing your hearing under any circumstances is devastating but it can be particularly traumatic if you know that your employer’s negligence was to blame. Employers are legally obliged to take every reasonably practicable step to protect the health, safety and… Continue reading

Can you claim compensation following an accident in a mine or quarry

It doesn’t take a health and safety expert to work out that the mining and quarrying industries are particularly dangerous. Despite the media constantly bemoaning the UK’s ‘health and safety culture’, the many regulations faced by employers are central to… Continue reading

Claiming compensation following an attack by a patient or customer

In some areas of work, you are in regular contact with customers, clients and patients who could become violent and cause you home. Such risks are usually fairly predictable and if your employer was aware that you were at risk… Continue reading

Working in quarries and mines – guarding against injury

Although some workplaces are clearly more dangerous environments than others, the same types of accidents and injuries seem to afflict workers whether they work in shops, offices or on building sites. It is no surprise therefore that those working in… Continue reading

Scaffolding accidents – contributing factors

Scaffolding injuries usually result from negligent or careless behaviour on the part of the employer and sometimes from other workers. Although that may sound like a generalisation, there is frankly very little excuse for this type of work related accident… Continue reading

Accidents in warehouses – the statistics

Every year, the Health and Safety Executive releases figures detailing the number of workplace accident across different sectors and in different environments. In 2009-10 there were 8500 accidents in warehouses and road haulage around the country, of which 19% were… Continue reading

I sustained an injury in a scaffolding accident at work – can I claim compensation

When you have your initial consultation with a workplace accident solicitor, your solicitor’s primary objective will be to find out exactly what happened. It is crucial that your lawyer understands how the incident came about and close attention will… Continue reading

Injuries sustained working on farms

Technology has changed the face of the farming industry and despite the increasingly scientific approach to agriculture many farmers are unwilling to part from the traditional methods they know best. Indeed, farmers are aging with most aged over 40 having… Continue reading

Workplace attacks by customers and patients – what causes them?

The circumstances and reasons behind each verbal or physical attack are different. As a result, even if an employer takes every reasonably practicable step to prevent a worker becoming a victim of assault in the workplace, safety is never guaranteed.… Continue reading

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