Kitchen accidents – the facts

When you analyse the results of recent research carried out in both the US and Europe, it is easy to draw conclusions about the types of injuries most commonly sustained in commercial kitchens as well as the kind of workers… Continue reading

Attacks from clients, customers or patients – the consequences

There is no doubt that the last 3 decades has seen businesses move towards aggressively driving down costs whilst simultaneously demanding greater productivity from their workforce. Sadly, the people who win from this are the directors and managers who reward… Continue reading

Avoiding attacks from clients, customers and patients

All employers are legally obliged to take every reasonably practicable step to protect employees from violent attacks in the workplace and they must comply with the terms of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Health and… Continue reading

Accidents working in mines and quarries – the possible consequences

The mining and quarrying industries are extremely dangerous and employees are at risk of dying in numerous ways, from explosions and electrocution through to falls from height and burial under collapsing rock. Given the extreme nature of these examples, you… Continue reading

Warehouse accidents – the fallout

When an employee is involved in an accident in a warehouse, there are of course terrible consequences for the victim. However, the consequences for the employer and indeed the entire workforce can also be severe. Thankfully, not all consequences will… Continue reading

Avoiding injuries whilst working at height

As an employer, whether your employees are working at height or on the ground, it is crucial that you have health and safety measures in place to protect their wellbeing. It is particularly important to have health and safety policies… Continue reading

Scaffolding injuries – Possible Consequences

Every day, 5 construction workers fall from height. Whilst these falls are often from ladders or other high platforms, the vast majority are from scaffolding and the resulting injuries are often horrific. The statistics are highly concerning because every day,… Continue reading

Accidents involving hazardous chemicals – the consequences

Dangerous chemicals can cause extreme physical damage. Many such chemicals will burn through body tissue or poison the bloodstream and explosive chemicals can cause significant trauma over a large area. The nature of many toxins means that they will often… Continue reading

Avoiding Scaffolding Injuries

Quite simply, if all relevant health and safety laws were complied with, there would not be scaffolding accidents. Whilst those putting up and taking down scaffolding should be properly trained, it isn’t rocket science. Of course, where those involved do… Continue reading

Workplace injuries involving hazardous chemicals – the statistics

Relatively speaking, the number of serious injuries and deaths causes by accidents involving hazardous chemicals in the workplace is fairly low. Indeed, such accidents account for just 1 in 50 workplace fatalities and 1 in 50 serious injuries in the… Continue reading

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