The Alarming Facts about Falls at Work

Every year the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) releases figures on the number of injuries sustained in workplaces across the year and every year falls at work are shown to be one of the most common causes of injury. Figures for 2010-11 showed that more than 10,000 workers sustained falls of different types leading to minor injuries, major injuries, and tragically death in nearly 40 cases.

Falls are generally put into two categories: falls from height and falls same level falls. Both consistently rank in the top 10 causes of workplace accident despite an the number of falls from height decreasing by 8% over 5 years and same level falls dropping by a quarter over the same period. Indeed, whilst it is relatively straightforward to avoid falling injuries in an office, factory or shop, it is considerable more of a risk for those working up ladders, scaffolding or in trees such as power line engineers, builders or tree surgeons.

Whilst it may seem extreme to mention deaths, it is no coincidence that 1 in five deaths caused by falling accidents are suffered by those in the construction industry. Furthermore, the severity of injuries cause by falling is shown to be directly proportionate to age in the HSE data, with older victims sustaining more severe injuries.

Ultimately, you are unlikely to sustain a fall injury at work unless you work in a dangerous profession such as roofing or construction. However, in these high risk industries your susceptibility to fall injuries greatly increases and employers should take all practicable extra steps to ensure that you are protected. Should they fail to do so, you may have grounds for an employer negligence compensation claim in the event that you become injured. Sadly, many employers are forced to do the same think each year.

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