Injuries caused by falls from height

Every year, the Health and Safety Executive publishes figures for accidents in the workplace and each time, injuries caused by falls involving stairs or otherwise are shown to be very common. Whilst many of these injuries are minor and can be recovered from quickly, some are unfortunately very serious and can even be fatal.

Whilst there can be many contributing factors to falls at work, there is no doubt that the vast majority of fall accidents are caused by failures on the part of the employer. Employers have a legally recognised duty of care to all those who work for them, meaning that if they fail to make risks clear to their employers or to ensure a safe working environment they are in breach of their legal duty. Safety must be ensured by planning, providing and training (PPT); meaning that safety protocols are established; safe apparatus and working conditions are provided; and employees are trained in how to use equipment and avoid injury. Where this is not done, employees are put at risk and the employer may be liable.

Listed below are common examples of falls at work. Whilst the list is not comprehensive, it demonstrates that there are many different types of falls. Common to all of them though is their preventability. As long as employers are vigilant in their PPT and communicate health and safety messages clearly to employees – these falls can be avoided. However, if employers are negligent, they may find themselves facing compensation claims as injured enployees will be well within their rights to instruct specialist work accident solicitors.

Here are some examples of falls from height at work that could lead to legal challenges:

• Poor training in how to reduce the risk of injury during a fall

• Icy or snowy conditions

• Inadequate protective equipment

• Slippery floors

• Being provided with unsuitable or damaged ladders

• Ladders losing grip

• Dark stairwells

• The absence of handrails

• Falls from lorries

• A lack of training in how to climb trees

• Working on dangerous scaffolding or on scaffolding in adverse weather conditions

• Working on unsafe roofs

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