Falling from height at work– how your accident may affect you

Our bodies are remarkably tough and are capable of surviving some fairly harsh treatment. However, sometimes the body is simply placed under to much pressure which can lead to irreparable damage. Falls from height exert such extreme forces on the body that terrible physical damage can be causes and sadly there are too many falls in the workplace.

Researchers in the United States recently reported that the nature of the surface that the victim lands on was the key determining factor in the severity of the injuries sustained. Surfaces which can absorb impact and distribute the energy of contact away from the body tended to cause less severe injuries than surfaces with no deformity e.g. concrete or tarmac.

According to the work related accident study, if the fall was from 7 metres or less, the major injuries would probably be limited to lower leg fractures. However, as the distance increases above this level, the injuries become far more serious with the risk of damage to the spine and pelvis increasing dramatically. Furthermore, the further the fall, the greater the risk of death. The study’s report lists some of the horrible injuries caused by falls from height, including:

• Bleeding in the braining

• Fractures of the skull

• Internal bleeding and organ damage

• Brain damage

Even if the fall distance is relatively small, the injuries sustained can be excruciating, ranging from cuts and bruises to broken bones. Tragically, too many people are killed due to falls from height and even those who survive can find their live ruined. Coping with your injuries is difficult enough but knowing that your injuries could have been prevented if your employer had taken the time to carry out a risk assessment, provide you with training or put up some warning signs can be extremely distressing. Those who are affected in such a way deserve to at least be compensated financially for the pain, suffering and financial loss they have experienced.

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