Establishing health and safety measures to prevent falls at work

Falls at work fall into two categories; same level falls and falls from height. Unsurprisingly, the number of serious injuries suffered as a result of falls from height in the workplace is significantly higher than for same level falls. However, both kinds of fall can have devastating consequences, requiring extensive time off work and in some tragic cases, resulting in fatalities. Every year, the Health and Safety Executive publishes statistics revealing that falls are amongst the most common accidents that can occur in the workplace.

The worst thing about the shocking number of workplace falls is that such accidents are avoidable. In most cases, it is the failure of employers to establish effective health and safety procedures and respect the laws in place to protect the welfare of employees that leads to workplace falls. Employers must heed messages about health and safety and convey these to staff or else risk seeing employees suffer fall injuries.

By regularly carrying out and acting upon risk assessments, employers can identify and negate fall hazards in the workplace. Staff must be trained extensively in how to sport health and safety risks, use equipment and avoid falls in order to self-protect as well. Should the employer fail to take such steps, they can be said to have failed to discharge their legal duty of care to prevent their employees coming to harm and as such injured employers should instruct specialist work accident solicitors.

Health and safety is of paramount importance if employers are to prevent employees becoming injured in fall accidents. Until employers realise this, the number of fall accidents in the workplace each year will remain unacceptably high and employers will rightly lose out as a result of employer negligence claims.

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