Claiming compensation for breathing disorders

If caught early enough, respiratory issues need not develop into full blown breathing disorders. Unfortunately, many people suffer from problems such as lung cancer, bronchitis, emphysema, COPD and asthma. Medical professionals sometimes make mistakes when diagnosing such ailments due to incorrect analysis of the results obtained from the various tests that respiratory doctors use. Such misdiagnosis can lead to the problem getting worse, causing lasting damage to the patient.

Those who believe that they have suffered unnecessary physical harm as a result of the negligence of a medical professional may find that they are entitled to make a compensation claim. The success of your claim will be subject to conclusive proof being provided that the action (or inaction) or the medical professional involved directly caused your suffering.

Breathing disorders can also be contracted by inhaling dangerous substances. This is often a problem for professionals working near asbestos, coal and other harmful substances. Breathing in such materials over an extended period can lead to fibrosis arising from bronchitis and pneumoconiosis for example.

Other chemicals may be carcinogenic and therefore cause abnormal cell multiplication leading to growths and possibly cancerous tumours. Lung disease claims can be made if these affect the lungs resulting lung cancer or lung disease for example.

If you believe that your employer may be at fault for the development of a breathing disorder,  get in touch with our workplace accident solicitors about making a claim for compensation. Your employer is legally obliged to keep you safe from harm in the workplace and if they do not take all reasonably practicable steps to do this you should be compensated.

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