Claiming Compensation for Asbestos Related Disease

Due to the failure to address the dangers posed by asbestos until 1999, there are many people living and working today who have already contracted or are at risk of contracting asbestos related diseases. Those who contract such illnesses acute conditions through no fault of their own may find that they are eligible to claim compensation. In order to make a successful compensation claim, evidence must be provided of the following:

1. The contraction of an asbestos related disease such as lung-cancer, mesothelioma, pleural thickening or asbestosis. This will require medical diagnosis

2. You must then prove that your condition was caused by overexposure to asbestos dust and the deadly fibres it contains. Your employment history and witnesses may be required in order to prove this. Doctors should be informed about your previous contact with asbestos as well when diagnosing you.

3. Finally a link between your overexposure to asbestos and your employer’s negligence must be proved. If your employer failed to take all reasonably practicable steps to avoid you coming to harm and you later contracted an asbestos related disease, you would have a claim

The small, elongated, carcinogenic asbestos fibres which are so often released during demolition or repair work around building constructed before 2000 cannot be expelled by the lungs or respiratory tract. As a result they remain in the body leading to acute health problems of which there will often be no symptoms until up to forty years after the initial exposure. In the vast majority of cases, these diseases will significantly shorten life expectancy and as such it is crucial that you take steps to win the damages you deserve as soon as possible.

In order to give yourself the best possible chance of success with your claim, it is important that you instruct a specialist work accident solicitor. There are various complications involved in claiming for asbestos related diseases but your solicitor will be able to work through these quickly and cost-effectively. Witnesses must be interviewed, medical experts must be approached and employment histories must be presented and doing these things without a specialist injury claim solicitor is extremely difficult. A good solicitor will push hard to win the full compensation you deserve, identifying the damages and special damages you should be awarded due to the terrible effects your disease may have on your life.

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Living with asbestos related disease is incredibly difficult and if you contracted such a disease due to the negligence of your employer it is only right that you are compensated.

Our work accident solicitors are asbestos related disease compensation claim experts and can help to recover the full and fair amount of compensation you are entitled to.

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