Working with horses – how to prevent injuries

Working with horses can be extremely dangerous. Horses can become scared or act unpredictably and they possess enormous strength and potentially lethal kicks. Owners of livery stables or other horse-riding centres will know the risks associated with working with horses and should understand their legal duty of care towards their own employees and any customers.

Whether training, riding or caring for horses, there are serious dangers of injury and the legal obligations established under the Health and Safety Act of 1974 and other statutes mean that employers must ensure that risks are comprehensively analysed, communicated and guarded against however possible. Where the health and safety of workers and riders is not ensured out of negligence or carelessness, employers can be said to have breached their duty of care and may find themselves faced with accident compensation claims.

When dealing with injuries caused whilst working with horses, accidents will be categorised into riding and non-riding accidents. Riding accidents range from gentle riding right through to competitive riding, and non-riding activities include day-to-day care and competitive training.

By taking the following measures, work accidents involving horses can be kept to a minimum:

• Ensure that riders do not ride horse ill-suited to their level of skill

• Check that all riders have suitable protective equipment, including hard-hats, appropriate clothing, footwear, gloves etc.

• Ensure the safety of the tack so that riders boots cannot become lodged in stirrups

• Check that riders have sufficient training and experience for the level of riding or activity they are undertaking

• Ensure the safety of stables or other premises used for training or care of the horses

• Train employees and riders in the nature of horses so that they understand that they may be easily agitated and can avoid being kicked

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