The dangers involved with working with horses

The number of injuries sustained working with horses is alarming and our work accident solicitors deal with a surprising number of such injuries. Every day, eight accidents involving those caring for, riding or training horses are reported to the British Horse Society. Whilst working with horses is inherently dangerous, the number of people injured is of real concern. They normally suffer injuries due to the following:

• Falls from the horse: if you fall off a horse, you will be falling from a considerable height and this can lead to various serious injuries. Whilst this can be a problem for those working with horses, it is more commonly a problem for non-employees frequenting livery stables and horse-riding establishments.

• Injuries caused by the horse itself: horses are powerful, unpredictable and possess a lethal kick. As a result it is easy, especially for those who spend many hours in close contact with horses, to be caught out and become injured.

So why do these accidents occur? Here are three reasons:

1. Insufficient training: those working with or riding horses need to be aware of basic horse psychology. This requires training and if this is not delivered it places individuals at great risk in the event that the horse becomes spooked unexpectedly. This can lead to riders or workers being kicked, crushed or dragged which can cause horrible injuries

2. Inappropriate matching of rider with mount: when matching a rider with a mount the age, size and experience of the rider must be taken into account. If this is not done, it can place the rider at serious risk of injury should they be unable to control the horse

3. A failure to provide PPE: Owners of equine businesses must provide the personal protective equipment needed to prevent both employees and non-employees coming to harm when in contact with horses. This may include gloves and a hard hat for example

Equine business owners and/or managers have a legal duty of care to ensure that those visiting or working in their stables do not come to physical harm. If they do not take every reasonably practicable step to ensure this then they can be said to have failed in their common law duty. As a result, they may fairly find themselves subject to work accident compensation claims.

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