Injuries sustained whilst working with horses – the facts

The health and safety standards at most riding schools or stables in the UK are excellent, allowing people to enjoy what is ultimately a very dangerous activity safely. This is due in part to the good work of the British Equestrian Health and Safety Association which works to establish a safe environment in which people can care for, train and ride horses. As well as those who work with horses, the BEHSA is also concerned with the protection of consumers who pay to use stables for riding, caring or training purposes.

Nevertheless, with an estimated 250,000 Britons working with horses at nearly 5000 stables and riding establishments around the country, and nearly 7% of the population riding regularly there is a high risk of accidents occurring around the nations many horses. Horses can be unpredictable and easily agitated and with so much human contact, workplace accidents are inevitable. Unfortunately, in a small percentage of cases, these mistakes are avoidable and the result of negligent equine business owners failing to discharge their legal duty of care. If this is the case, a specialist work accident solicitor will be required.

Here are some facts about injuries sustained around horses:

• Every year there are 50,000-70,000 riding accidents – approximately 8 per day

• There are five times as many head injuries sustained around horses as spinal injuries, despite the requirement for hard hats

• 3 out of every 100 spinal injuries in the UK result from falls from horses

• Those working with horses are twice as likely to come to physical harm as riders who fall from height

Have you been the victim of an accident involving a horse?

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