Working in quarries and mines – guarding against injury

Although some workplaces are clearly more dangerous environments than others, the same types of accidents and injuries seem to afflict workers whether they work in shops, offices or on building sites. It is no surprise therefore that those working in mines and quarries are most commonly injured by trips, slips, vehicles and hand tools and most frequently killed by machinery, falls from height and vehicles, explosions and moving objects.

These accidents cause the same pain and suffering to victims across all sectors meaning that individuals suffer, working days are lost and businesses lose out as a result. Equally, the measures needed to prevent these accidents are the same across the board. If those working in mining and quarrying are to avoid injuries in the workplace, it is crucial that their employers pay attention to the UK’s extensive health and safety regulations and discharge their legal duty of care to take every reasonably practicable step to ensure that employees do not come to harm in the workplace.

Employers operating in mining and quarrying need to be aware of many risks, including:

• Heavy machinery

• Flooding

• Collapse

• Exposure to dangerous gases and dusts

Clearly, these hazards are very different from the ones you’d find in an office or a shop for example but they can be negated using the same process of risk assessment. Sadly, the Health and Safety Executive consistently finds that employers in the mining and quarrying industries fail to bring the number of accidents down. Perhaps the combination of the challenging work in these areas and the risks that come with it make the process of risk assessment harder. Whatever the problem is, improvements are needed in order to reduce the number of accidents which occur every year.

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