Work Accident Compensation Guide

The Complete Guide To Work Accident Compensation Claims

If you are involved in an accident at work, what should you do next? You may be unsure what your legal obligations are, or what the obligations of your employer are. Our Complete Guide To Work Accident Compensation Claims is designed to take you through the whole process from start to finish.

The Accident Book

Your employer must record the accident in the Accident Book, so the first step is to ensure that you (or a colleague) informs your employer of the accident and injury sustained.

Obtain Evidence To Support A Possible Work Accident Compensation Claim

Whilst you may not know at the beginning whether your injuries are going to be severe, or whether you will pursue a claim for compensation, it is absolutely vital that you secure evidence at the outset. If you take no action you may find that all of the evidence you needed has subsequently been cleared away. If you are not fit to do so ask a colleague to obtain the evidence for you, taking pictures on their mobile phone and using items to scale and date the pictures (such as a newspaper).

Obtain Treatment For Your Injury

If you have suffered an injury you should attend your local A & E Department for treatment, or at least your GP. This way any serious injuries can be immediately assessed and the appropriate treatment provided.

Can You Make A Claim For Compensation?

The easiest way to find out whether you can make a claim for compensation is to seek advice from an expert Work Accident Claims solicitor. They will provide you with a free opinion and if you have a good claim will provide you with expert legal assistance. Make sure that, like the Work Accident Solicitors, it will cost you nothing to claim and you will be able to keep all of your compensation.

Starting Your Claim For Compensation

Your solicitor will start to secure evidence for you by contacting witnesses, obtaining photographs and contacting your employer’s insurance company to notify them of your claim. Often the insurance company will admit liability for the accident at this stage. If they do not your solicitor will issue court proceedings in time, but less than 1% of all claims issued actually lead to a full hearing. Most claims settle well before a hearing date is needed.

Obtaining Medical Evidence To Support Your Compensation Claim

Often a GP or orthopaedic surgeon will be asked to examine you to confirm the injuries that you sustained, and to advise whether any further treatment is necessary. If you need more treatment, this can be obtained privately and included as part of your claim for compensation.

Valuing Your Claim For Compensation

Once you solicitor has all of the evidence supporting your claim, including medical expenses, any lost earnings, travel expenses etc, he will advise you of the likely value of your work accident compensation claim.

Settlement Of Your Claim

Your solicitor will put forward your full claim to the insurance company and invite offers of settlement. They will then negotiate on your behalf to obtain the maximum amount of compensation for you. Once you receive an offer to settle your claim, you will receive your compensation and the solicitor will negotiate the settlement of their legal costs from the other side. Remember, with the Work Accident Solicitors you will keep all of your compensation.

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