Warehouse Injury Claims

Warehouses pose a number of potential risks to employees. From fork lift truck accidents to slips and trips, and manual handling injuries to falling objects, warehouses present a series of hazards that an employer must address if his or her staff are to be protected.

Unfortunately, however, too many employers neglect to implement the necessary health and safety regulations, thereby exposing their workforce to significant danger. If a member of staff does subsequently suffer an injury as a result of this negligence, a warehouse injury claim could ensue.

Types of warehouse accidents

Warehouse accident claims can arise for a variety of different reasons, although some of the most common include:-

  • Slips and trips: slips often occur if there has been a spillage or the floor has been cleaned and no cautionary signs are put in place. Trips on the other hand usually happen when boxes and other obstacles are not properly stored away, causing an obstruction.
  • Falls from height: warehouses often require staff to access shelving and storage units located far up from the ground. If adequate training or equipment is not provided, an employee could be suffer a fall from height.
  • Falling objects: this is another leading cause of warehouse injury, as objects that are not stored properly may fall and hit an employer on the head.
  • Forklift truck accidents: staff must have specialist training if they are to use a forklift truck. If this is not provided or if the truck is faulty, a serious injury could arise.
  • Manual handling accidents: warehouse duties often involve a large amount of manual handling and lifting. Again, employees should be given training on how to carry out manual handling, while equipment should also be provided if necessary.

Claiming for a warehouse accident

All employers are legally obliged to provide a safe working environment. This is called a duty of care, and stipulates that employers must ensure so far as is reasonably practicable the health, safety and welfare of their staff. In order to fulfill this duty in a warehouse setting, employers must:-

  • Provide staff with the necessary training;
  • Provide staff with the appropriate equipment;
  • Perform regular risk assessments and implement any findings;
  • Carry out maintenance checks of machinery and equipment;
  • Enforce a safe system of work.

If an employer fails to observe any of these measures, he or she will have neglected to realise their duty of care. Should a member of staff suffer injury as a result of this negligence, there will be grounds for a work accident claim.

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