The Shocking Statistics about Slips and Trips at Work

Every year, Health and Safety Executive statistics reveal that slips and trips at work are the biggest cause of work-related injuries. The injuries sustained vary in severity, from cuts and bruises to spinal injuries and head trauma, and tragically there were also two deaths recorded in 2010-11. Suffering an injury from a slip or trip at work can cause victims massive physical and financial hardship (e.g. through lost earnings and loss of amenity) and it is crucial that the numbers of slip and trip injuries decrease.

Here are some of the HSE’s alarming findings:

• Over 21,000 injuries in 2010-11 caused by slips and trips were serious enough to warrant three days off work or more

• 9,000 workers sustained what were considered to be ‘major’ injuries from slips and trips

• Close to a million days of productivity were lost from the UK economy as a result of time of work for slip and trip injuries

• The Social care, manufacturing, human health and transportation sectors were amongst those with the worst records for slips and trips at work

Despite these shocking statistics, it is in fact very simple for employers to avoid slip and trip injuries in the workplace. Provided that employers discharge their legal duty of care to their employees and respect all relevant health and safety laws and regulations, injuries cause by slips and trips should be kept to a minimum. Unfortunately, employers are not always so diligent and where is the case, employees who suffer injuries may find that they are eligible to make employer negligence accident  compensation claims.

Although injuries suffered in the workplace due to slips and trips have gone down over the last few years, they are still real and present dangers. There remain some contumacious employer’s who wilfully ignore health and safety regulations thus putting their employees in danger and in fact costing them money due to lost working days as well.

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