The possible effects of accidents in schools

Last year, nearly 2,000 members of staff in schools across the country suffered serious injuries. Some of these injuries caused permanent disabilities or led to amputations and others nearly resulted in death. Given that parents trust that schools are safe environments, it is scary to think that so many serious accidents take place. As many as 7,000 employees are thought to have been injured badly enough for their cases to be reported to the Health and Safety Executive.

Schools are under enormous pressure and often find themselves with too many pupils and barely enough teachers. As a result, losing a member of staff for a week (which is the minimum amount of time of work that each of the 7,000 injured members of staff required) can have terrible consequences. It is terrible to think that so many members of staff could have experienced such trauma and whilst many of them made fairly speedy recoveries, others were left with permanent health problems.

The vast majority of these accidents were avoidable and very often the victim was not even to blame. When staff members are injured through no fault of their own it is only fair that they win compensation but schools in the UK cannot afford to reputational damage and loss of talented professionals that occurs as a result of preventable work related accidents.

Employers are responsible for managing risks but unfortunately, schools find this increasingly difficult due to the cuts being made in education. As a result, there are no winners from the situation but our workplace accident solicitors can help by providing the legal advice needed to win financial compensation for the pain, suffering and financial loss suffered by victims.

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