Scaffolding injuries – Possible Consequences

Every day, 5 construction workers fall from height. Whilst these falls are often from ladders or other high platforms, the vast majority are from scaffolding and the resulting injuries are often horrific. The statistics are highly concerning because every day, 5 more individuals suffer immense pain causing worry to their families.

Since the Health and Safety Executive started keeping statistics, the number of falls from height in the construction industry has been consistently high and show no signs of falling any time soon. It would be easy to assume that these non-fatal and fatal accidents could usually be blamed on the employees involved, however this in not the case. Alternatively, you may think that the health and safety regulations surrounding working with scaffolding are woefully inadequate – again, this would be wrong. If health and safety regulations were respected by employers the accident rate would improve massively but unfortunately, accidents occur because employers refuse to respect these laws.

It seems in many cases that employers prioritise profits over the health and safety of their employees. Sometimes, they are able to get away with this because victims of scaffolding accidents do not claim the compensation they deserve, however it they did, the employer would be forced to change their attitude towards health and safety. This is because facing a compensation claim costs employers money, makes their insurance premiums more expensive and damages their reputation and the business they can do in the future.

It is therefore crucial that you make a compensation claim if you or a member of your family has been injured in a scaffolding accident.

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