Claiming compensation for a scaffolding accident

If you are injured in a scaffolding accident at work which was not your fault you should approach a specialist work accident solicitor about making a compensation claim.. Your solicitor will first seek to establish exactly what happened using both your recollection of events and those of witnesses. Accident books, training records and photographic evidence will also be closely assessed to look for proof that the accident was the result of negligence on the part of your employer (or a colleague) which directly led to your injuries.

If it transpired that your employer did everything they could to prevent an accident happening and complied with all relevant health and safety regulations then you would not be entitled to claim accident compensation. However, if your employer breached their duty of care towards you by failing to protect your health, safety and well being at work so far as is reasonable practicable then you would have grounds to claim.

Your solicitor will need to establish why the accident happened. Perhaps the scaffolding was not properly erected causing it to fall down; you fell due to a misplaced floorboard; or your employer failed to provide you with the training or Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) needed to work on scaffolding. There is no room for employers or colleagues to cut corners where scaffolding is concerned, so if they do and you are injured as a result, it is important that justice is done. Negligent employers who fail to discharge their legal duty of care to their employees could go on to put many more innocent workers at risk so it is crucial that you act not.

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