I sustained an injury in a scaffolding accident at work – can I claim compensation

When you have your initial consultation with a workplace accident solicitor, your solicitor’s primary objective will be to find out exactly what happened. It is crucial that your lawyer understands how the incident came about and close attention will be paid to the way in which the accident was recorded in the company accident book and any photographic evidence you or your colleagues may have. Your solicitor will also want to hear from any witnesses and will want to see evidence of the health and safety training given to employees.

In order to know who to bring your claim against, it must be established exactly who was to blame for the incident. For example, you would not be entitled to claim compensation against your employer if they had complied with all relevant health and safety regulations and taken all reasonably practicable steps to protect your well being.

There could be other people who are culpable for the incident. Your solicitor will need to rule out that is was not you who acted negligently or carelessly. If you failed to comply with health and safety regulations it may be concluded that you were to blame. Alternatively, one of your colleagues may have fallen short of the expected standards leading you to become injured in an accident through no fault of your own.

Determining who is to blame ultimately comes down to a process of tracing back through the various stages of the incident. for example, you may have been injured because a palette fell on you. Another employee may have stacked the palette unsafely but if they were not properly trained in how to stack the palette then their supervisor should have taken the time to train them. It may then transpire that the supervisor’s manager asked him not to carry out such training but his actions may have been forced by his company’s efficiency savings.

Ultimately the employer would be to blame for setting off this chain because health and safety regulations make the extent of an employers responsibilities very clear. They have a duty of care to all employees, however far down the chain, and must take all necessary actions to ensure the health and safety of those in the workplace. Your solicitor is therefore likely to bring the work accident claim against the employer citing your financial loss and physical and emotional trauma as justifications for a payout.

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