Personal Injury Accident At Work

Despite the fact employers have a duty to protect their staff from harm, the frequency of accidents at work remains high. This can have a devastating impact for an employee, whose injuries can not only be damaging physically, but also financially and emotionally. That is why if you have suffered as a result of an accident at work, it is vital you seek expert legal advice, as there is action you can take.

Injured at Work – A Breach of Duty

All employers have a responsibility to safeguard their employees in the workplace. This is known as a ‘duty of care’, and involves a statutory obligation to look after your welfare. Many of these laws are laid out in the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, which amongst other things requires an employer to ensure:-

  • The premises is safe;
  • Equipment/machinery is appropriate and well maintained;
  • The correct training and supervision is provided;
  • Exposure to harmful substances (such as chemicals) is controlled;
  • Competent staff are employed;
  • Regular risk assessments are carried out;
  • There are first aid facilities available.

Should an employer fail to comply with these responsibilities, they have breached their duty of care.

Injured at Work – What Can You Do?

If an employer has breached their duty of care towards you, which in turn has led to you suffering an injury, then what action can you take? The initial thing to do (after seeking medical assistance) is to record your accident in the company’s work accident book. Secondly, contact Work Accident Solicitors to discuss your next step.

If you decide after speaking to one of our legal experts that you would like to make a work accident claim, then we promise to give you help and support throughout the process. The first stage will be for your solicitor to obtain all the evidence relating to your work accident. This will involve taking a statement from you and any other witnesses, as well as asking a medical expert to assess your injuries. After all the evidence has been gathered, your solicitor will attempt to negotiate a settlement of your claim with the other side.

Compensation for your Injuries

When negotiating a settlement, your solicitor will ask the other side (usually your employer’s solicitor or insurance company) for a sum of compensation. The amount will depend upon the injuries you have sustained (known as ‘General Damages’) as well as any financial losses you have incurred (known as ‘Special Damages’). Once a figure has been agreed, your claim will be settled and you will receive your compensation within around 14 days. With Work Accident Solicitors, if your claim is successful then you get to keep 100% of your compensation.

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