Noise induced hearing loss at work – claiming compensation

Losing your hearing under any circumstances is devastating but it can be particularly traumatic if you know that your employer’s negligence was to blame. Employers are legally obliged to take every reasonably practicable step to protect the health, safety and wellbeing of their workers in the workplace and failure to discharge this duty can be seen as negligence. Part of protecting employees is to ensure that they are not exposed to excessive noise in the workplace which could damage their hearing. Indeed, The Control of Noise at Work Regulations dictates that any employer exposing workers to high noise levels should make themselves aware of their health and safety responsibilities.

If you lose your hearing in the workplace and believe that your employer failed to do the things needed to protect you, you may find that you are entitled to claim compensation. If it could have been predicted that you may lose your hearing and yet nothing was done it is likely to be considered negligence however you will need to compile a body of convincing evidence. It is also essential that you instruct a specialist work accident solicitor to help you win your case.

You may for example consider an employer an employer to be negligence if they make the working hours of workers who are exposed to loud noise too long. Equally, failing to provide employees with ear defenders, refusing to replace excessively noisy machinery and choosing not to install acoustic shielding in the workplace would suggest negligence.

Perhaps the most appalling oversight is failing to communicate the possible health risks of overexposure to loud news to employees. Too many employees fail to protect employees and as a result there are thousands of cases of noise induced hearing loss reported to the Health and Safety Executive each year.

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