Can I use a No Win, No Fee solicitor for a work accident claim?

Accidents are an unfortunate part of everyday life. Perceived wisdom is that most accidents happen in the home, yet recent government statistics state that the number of non-fatal injuries suffered by workers in 2007/2008 was as high as 136, 771. According to the HSE, there has been little change to this figure over the last 6 years. Of these cases, 27, 976 were major injuries and 108, 795 were other injuries that required more than three days off work.

Although accident and injury can take place in any workplace, the risks can increase in certain environments, such as factories where dangerous equipment is employed or laboratories where chemicals are used. Accidents can occur for a number of reasons, such as unsafe practices, improper training or faulty equipment. If an accident occurs and there is reason to suspect that the accident could have been avoided had the employer taken the necessary precautions, then the employer can become liable for a personal injury claim against them.

Other accidents might not be so obvious in trying to apportion liability. If you suffer an injury at the hands of another employee, perhaps, one of the questions you need to ask is “was that person properly trained”? Were they handling faulty machinery? Could the employer have taken extra steps to ensure that the risks of accident were further minimized? If the answer is ‘yes’ then, once again, liability may fall at your employer’s feet. It is their responsibility to ensure that the environment their employees work in is as safe as possible and this can include factors such as training, maintenance of equipment and even the issuing of the correct safety wear.

In the unfortunate event that you do suffer an accident at work, you might be unsure as to why you would need to take out a personal injury claim or how you might do so. There are many reasons specific to each case, but, in essence, a personal injury can cause you physical and mental damage that may impair your ability to work now and in the future. In addition, you may suffer loss of earnings as a result of the accident. However, the main point is that the accident may have been avoidable had the employer ensured all the right precautions were in place. In other words: it may not have been your fault.

In taking out personal injury claims, many people opt for the services of a lawyer unaware of the costs involved. Many lawyers can claim a large portion of the victim’s settlement in fees and hidden costs. In the event that the claim is unsuccessful, these costs still have to be paid for. The most prudent advice is to seek the services of a No Win, No Fee injury lawyer.

A No Win, No Fee agreement guarantees that you receive 100% financial protection against any and all of the risks involved in pursuing a personal injury claim. Also known as a Conditional Fee Arrangement, a lawyer representing you under one of these agreements will not charge you a penny if the case is unsuccessful. In the initial stages, many No Win, No Fee lawyers offer a free consultation to help you determine whether your claim is likely to succeed or not. This can help you decide the best course of action and will cost you nothing but your time.

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