Working in mines and quarries – Staying clear of injury

It doesn’t appear to matter what environment you work in, the same types of accidents occur, seemingly leading to the same types of injury. This is the same for office workers as it is for construction workers and shows no signs of changing in the near future.

Mining and quarrying has the same problems as every other sector. People are most commonly killed by falls, vehicle accidents, explosions, machines and falling objects like in all sectors. Similarly, the most common non-fatal accidents relate to trips, tools, machines and vehicles.

So what can be done? Preventing accidents and injuries in the workplace needn’t be complicated. It comes down to compliance with UK health and safety law and effective risk assessment. However, employers in the mining and quarrying sectors like those in many other sectors are often not diligent enough to take the steps needed to prevent their employers coming to harm in the workplace. Failure to do this means that they have breached a legal duty of care and if you become injured whilst working in a mine or a quarry as a result of their negligence you could be entitled to make a  workplace accident claim for compensation.

Working in mines or quarries obviously carries different risks to working in a supermarket for example. There is a great deal of heavy machinery, a constant danger of collapse, flooding and exposure to dangerous substances. Nevertheless, preventing injuries requires the same attention to safety laws and management of risk.

Despite efforts within the mining and quarrying industry to improve health and safety standards, there is still an awful lot of room for improvement. Until employers take more responsibility for the safety of their employees, horrible accidents will continue to occur.

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