Making A Workplace Injury Claim

Will it cost me anything to make a workplace injury claim?

It’s hardly an ideal situation. Not only have you suffered the physical pain and discomfort of your work related injury but the time you have spent not earning might also be hitting you hard financially. In addition to that, there may be lost future earnings to consider. How will you cope in the years to come?

Worrying times and the financial difficulties of time spent recuperating from a work place accident that was not your fault also carries with it an emotional cost, the worry and the concern. What will my employers think if I make a compensation claim? What will my colleagues think? Will I have a job to return to? How will my injury affect my professional performance and promotion prospects?

Well one issue that you don’t need to concern yourself with is the cost of making a workplace injury claim. Of course, you can employ the services of a traditional personal injury claim lawyer but in doing so you may be putting at risk a large chunk of any settlement fee. If you were unfortunate enough to lose the case things might be even worse as you would have to pay the costs.

Why you should secure the services of a no win, no fee personal injury lawyer.

No win, no fee arrangements are also referred to as Conditional Fee Agreements (CFAs). Introduced to England and Wales in 1995 No win, no fee arrangements do exactly what they say on the tin. If you lose you pay nothing. Win and you get to keep 100% of any compensation awarded. Your workplace injury claim solicitor will receive payment to cover their legal fees from the losing side’s insurance company. If the legal fees cannot be recovered in full from your employer, the costs are written off. You are not liable to pay a penny, win or lose.

Despite the rash of TV advertisements the numbers of personal injury claims have been relatively stable over the last 10 years. Cases notified to the Compensation Recovery Unit of the Department for Work and Pensions, totalled 735,931 in 2000/1 and actually fell to 732,750 in 2007/8.

According to figures from the Citizens Advice, and contrary to the compensation culture headlines you see in the tabloids, only about 30% of accident victims actually claim compensation using legal processes. Make sure you don’t miss out. Claim what you are entitled to.

In order to get the legal ball rolling you will need an initial consultation with a personal injury lawyer in order to assess the strength of your case and to see whether your case might qualify for a Conditional Fee Arrangement.

A specialist work accident solicitor, someone with extensive knowledge of the work accident claims process will be able to tell from the information you provide how likely it is that your case will succeed. Make sure you provide your solicitor with as much relevant information as possible. The more detail you have the better.

If you or anyone you know has been involved in a workplace accident, suffered a workplace injury, illness or disease as a result of employment then it’s perfectly simple to make a compensation claim. What’s more, it doesn’t have to cost you a penny.

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