Injuries sustained working on farms

Technology has changed the face of the farming industry and despite the increasingly scientific approach to agriculture many farmers are unwilling to part from the traditional methods they know best. Indeed, farmers are aging with most aged over 40 having inherited the family farm.

Often this aversion to modern methods and technology manifests itself in a hatred of health and safety legislation which is often seen as an imposition of the nanny state. In reality, these health and safety regulations are crucial both for the protection of any employees and the future success of any business, however the traditional mindset seems to assume that regulation undermines the resilience required by those working in agriculture. Disappointingly, senior figures in the industry have done very little to change attitudes and as a result the appalling workplace accident rate on farms is simply accepted by many.

There is no room for this traditional view when you consider the risks involved in farming and casual or migrant workers who may be injured or even killed as a result of a farmer’s intransigence. Farm workers are constantly exposed to dangers including hazardous chemicals, unpredictable animals and heavy machinery. Too often farmers fail to train their workers, make them aware of hazards, or properly maintain farming equipment which places them at enormous risk. These failures are negligent because all employers have a legal duty to protect the health and safety of their employees and failure to do so can justify compensation claims against them.

Sadly, such negligence is commonplace and farm workers are injured or killed every year as a result. Farming is now considered as dangerous as construction work It is likely that many incidents go unreported as well meaning that the figures could be even worse.

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