How To Start A Work Accident Claim

If you have been harmed in a work accident that was not your fault, you could claim compensation for the pain, suffering a loss of finances you have wrongfully endured. In this article we explore how to start a work accident claim, explaining what action you should take and who you should speak to for further advice.

Who can make a work accident claim?

Employers have a legal obligation to safeguard their staff while at work. This is called a duty of care, and involves providing safe premises in which to work, a safe working procedure, competent staff, as well as suitable materials, equipment, training and supervision. However, if an employer fails to implement these risk-reducing measures, he or she will have failed to satisfy their duty of care. Any employee injured as a result of this failure will be considered a victim of personal injury, meaning he or she has been harmed because of another party’s negligence. The injured member of staff will, therefore, be legally entitled to claim compensation for the damage sustained.

Beginning the claims process

If you believe you have been wrongfully injured in the workplace, you should firstly ensure that you record your accident in the accident handbook. This is a requirement for any business with ten or more employees. Your next step should be to contact a legal expert. After an initial consultation, a work accident solicitor will be able to assess the value of your case. If they believe your employer was indeed negligent, you will be able to begin the claims process.

The process will be started by your solicitor on your behalf, who will contact the defendant party announcing your intention to make a claim. You do not need to worry about claiming against a current employer, as there are rules in place to prevent you suffering any repercussions. Furthermore, employers are required to have an Employer’s Liability Insurance which will cover the cost of your claim.

Your solicitor will then continue with the claims process, collecting evidence and negotiating a compensation settlement. Therefore if you wish to start a work accident claim, all you need to do is to contact a solicitor.

Who do I need to talk to about a work-related injury?

If you would like to begin a claim for a work-related injury, you need to discuss your case with a solicitor who specialises in work accident claims. This will ensure your claim has the best chance of success, as they will have the skill and professional expertise necessary to handle a work accident claim.

If you would like to talk about beginning the claims process, contact us at Work Accident Solicitors today.

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