Health And Safety At Work: Employees And Employer’s Responsibility

With authority comes responsibility – has your employer been irresponsible?

In the UK it is the Health & Safety Executive HSE who act to ensure that all of our workplaces are as safe as possible. In the 35 years since it was established the HSE has overseen a dramatic fall in death and injury rates in the workplace. In 1974 when the executive started, 651 died as a result of workplace incidents, a number that fell a huge 70%, according to HSE statistics, to a figure of 180 in 2008.

With Britain now returning the lowest average number of fatalities at 1.3 per 100,000 compared to an average of 2.5 for the rest of Europe, the contribution of the HSE to the UK workplace is clearly reaping rewards. Unfortunately, and despite the best efforts of the HSE, preventable deaths and injuries still occur in the workplace.

With authority comes responsibility and it is the role of employers to protect their staff and any other people who come into contact with their company such as customers, visitors or members of the public. Employers have a duty to protect workers and the public from dangers caused by their work – and the HSE is committed to making sure they do that.

How far do these responsibilities extend and what can you do if you feel that you haven’t been protected adequately?

Employers are obliged to do a number of things. Initially an employer must assess the risks of the workplace and ensure that any risks are eliminated or at least controlled. A risk management programme needs to be conducted. According to the HSE this covers five main areas.

  • Plant and machinery must be operationally safe and safe working systems set and adhered to.
  • Any dangerous substances must be moves, stored and used safely.
  • Adequate welfare facilities must be provided.
  • Health and safety instruction, training, supervision and information must be given.
  • Workers must be consulted in matters related to health and safety.

Of course as employees we too all have responsibilities. Health and safety isn’t entirely someone else’s responsibility. Safety at work is a two way street and it’s very important that we all co-operate with safety measures, with instruction and follow the rules as well as using our common sense to stay out of danger.

What if you’ve fulfilled your side of that relationship but feel your employer hasn’t? What if you have had an accident at work and feel they haven’t taken enough care over your health and your welfare? That the systems weren’t in place to protect you? Maybe you’ve had to take time off work as a result or your future earning potential has suffered?

You may be entitled to compensation.

Take the advice of a specialist work accident solicitor. Most will give you a free consultation to determine the likelihood of a claim’s success. If your position appears strong the chances are that the solicitor will take on your case on a no win no fee basis. You’ve got nothing to lose.

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