Head Injuries at Work

If you have suffered a head injury in a workplace accident that was not your fault, you may want to consider taking legal action. This will allow you to recover compensation for the injuries you have sustained, helping you get the financial support you need during the road to recovery.

Head Injuries in the Workplace

Every day in the UK, thousands of people will be involved in an accident at work. There are endless ways in which employees may come to harm, and many different types of injury that can be sustained. However, one of the most serious injuries that can be suffered at work is a head injury. This may arise due to:-

  • A fall from height;
  • Falling objects;
  • Slips and trips;
  • A blow to the head;
  • Driving accidents.

Head injuries suffered at work can have a traumatic impact upon an individual’s wellbeing, potentially causing a variety of health complications such as concussion, fractures and even permanent brain damage. Not only will such injuries have a devastating effect physically, but they can also cause significant problems psychologically and financially. Even the most minor of head injuries can put someone’s life on hold, preventing them from working and carrying out everyday tasks such as childcare and household chores.

Compensation for Work Accident Head Injuries

Understandably, if you or a loved one has sustained a head injury at work, you will be feeling angry and upset about the damage which has been done. This will be particularly true if the injury was caused by another person’s negligence.

More often than not, this negligence will lie with the injured victim’s employer. All employers have a duty of care towards their staff, meaning they are legally obliged to look after the health, safety and welfare of employees.

In order to comply with this legal duty, employers must ensure there is a safe working environment, along with a safe system of work. Measures that are ‘reasonably practicable’ should be taken to meet this responsibility. For example, carrying out risk assessments, supplying staff with personal protective equipment and putting up warning signs are all ways in which the workplace can be made a safer place.

However, if an employer does not respect this duty and a member of staff suffers a head injury, an employer will be held directly responsible. In such situations, the injured party will be able to make a work accident claim which, if successful, will ensure appropriate compensation is awarded.

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