Forklift truck accidents – some concerning figures

Despite the UK being very health and safety conscious, there are 22 accidents involving forklift trucks across the country every day with many of those accidents resulting in injuries. This is despite the UK being very health and safety conscious Therefore, whilst the press spreads attempts to work the public up into a frenzy about the supposed “compensation culture” sweeping the UK, it is in fact very clear that many people are becoming injured as a result of  workplace accidents who have legitimate claims.

Roughly 3 million people in the UK are employed in roles where they operate vehicles are in close proximity to them. Sadly, the number of fatalities in the workplace related to vehicles increased every between 2000 and 2010. A quarter of the vehicle-related accidents involved forklift trucks meaning that the Health and Safety Executive received around 8,000 reports of forklift truck accidents.

It would be easy to believe that those most likely to be injured in a forklift truck accident are the drivers. Indeed, drivers are at risk of being crushed if the truck tips over, suffering injuries following mechanical failures or having objects fall on them from height. However, it is those outside the truck itself who are most at risk. Non-operators account for 7 in 10 of all accident claims and to many people’s surprise, forklifts toppling over cause the least injuries. Being hit by a forklift truck is the most common cause of injury, leading to twice as many injuries as falling off one. This shows that there are ineffective health and safety measures to protect pedestrians from forklift truck accidents in the workplace. In 2007, 1,500 employers admitted to being concerned about the dangers to pedestrians caused by forklifts and nearly half of forklift truck drivers revealed that their employees did not safety check their vehicles.

It is up to employers to take responsibility and improve their health and safety measures so that fewer workers become injured in forklift truck accidents. Otherwise, they may find themselves facing work accident compensation claims.

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