Factory accidents – contributing factors

There are a huge number of hazards in factories,  and despite improvements in health and safety procedures in the last few decades, they remain one of the most dangerous working environments in the UK. Although the last quarter of a century has seen the number of work related accidents decline, they are still too numerate and their causes are very often avoidable.

Every year the Health and Safety Executive releases statistics for workplace accidents and the 2011-12 figures reveal that more factory fatalities were caused by falling objects than anything else. The second, third and fourth positions were filled by machinery in motion, falls from height and moving vehicles respectively. Slips and trips resulted in the most non-fatal injuries with falling objects and falls from height also proving to be common causes.

Factory accidents – the most common

Below are some of most common causes of  injuries that take place in UK factories are:

• Failure to respond to things reported in the accident book and alter health and safety procedures accordingly

• Inadequate training of employees in spotting hazards and negating risks

• Failure to keep the factory free of hazards including trip hazards and slippery floors

• Unsafe working conditions such as extremes of temperature or poor lighting

• Failure to provide factory employees with the personal protective equipment required to ensure their safety

• Failure to put the appropriate warning signs and guards on dangerous machinery

• Inadequate training in handling hazardous substance or incorrect storage of such materials

• Absence of a policy to protect pedestrians from vehicles in and around the factory

Managers who comply with the Management of Health and Safety Regulations 1999 should not find themselves facing factory accident compensation claims from injured employees because the legislation gives clear guidelines on the management of risks in the workplace.

Unfortunately, employers often fail to carry out risk assessments regularly and those that do often fail to act upon findings. Many of the things which can cause injury in a factory setting are so easy to avoid. Perhaps staff members simply need gloves to prevent burns from hot machinery for example. Employers who fail to take the measures needed to protect employees are likely to find themselves facing accident compensation claims.

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