Common Types Of Workplace Injury Claims

What sorts of accidents or injuries can I claim for?

Work places can be dangerous. Whilst factories, warehouses, laboratories and other industrial settings with dangerous substances, heavy plant or working heights may seem like obviously risky environments, other more benign looking work spaces such as offices or showrooms conceal many a hidden danger. Just because the chances of a construction worker or miner having a work related injury are higher than an office worker or retailer doesn’t mean that jobs in professions largely perceived as risk averse are risk free. All jobs pose some form of threat.

Accidents happen; working injuries are an occupational hazard and need to be accepted as part and parcel of daily working life. What shouldn’t be regarded as acceptable though are avoidable accidents or injuries, injuries that with the right kind of training or suitable equipment, information, supervision or materials are wholly preventable.

According to figures released by the Health & Safety Executive of the 28,000, major non-fatal UK accidents reported in 2008, the five most likely causes of injury in the UK were:

  • Slips, trips or falls on the same level perhaps on a wet or greasy floor.
  • Struck by a moving/ falling object. Work-related driving accidents and things like being hit by a forklift truck or other vehicle.
  • Injured while handling, lifting or carrying. Often the cause of bad backs, neck injuries, dislocated shoulders possibly as a result of having to lift or carry an excessive weight.
  • Falls from a height such as scaffolding and ladders.
  • Falls and slips combined.

In addition, it is important to bear in mind burns injuries often suffered by electricians or people working in hot kitchens. Increasingly stress is also seen to pose significant dangers in the work place.

Working in an office carries its own share of risks. Neck and shoulder injuries and eye problems tend to occur in office environments with poorly designed workstations, seating, bad quality computer screens, lighting and inadequate breaks. The TUC when referring to repetitive strain injury say that its prevention requires ‘an acknowledgement that workers are not there to provide the flexibility in the system, through contorting and stressing their bodies and brains to cope with poorly designed equipment or systems of work, or through increasing their work rate to accommodate production demands, or because the workforce is too stretched, too cowed or too insecure to complain.’

If you have been injured at work you will know only too well what a physically, emotionally and financially difficult time it can be. You will also hopefully be aware of the fact that every employer in the UK has a legal obligation to protect the health and welfare of those in their care, their employees. When an employee falls victim to a health and safety failing they are entitled to make a personal injury claim against their employer.

If you have suffered any of the above through no fault of your own you may very well be entitled to compensation for your distress, expenses and loss of earnings. Talk to a specialist work accident solicitor for more information.

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