Claiming compensation following assaults by customers and patients

In some lines of work, employees are at risk of attack from those they come into contact with, whether they be customers, patients or clients. Attacks can of course cause serious injuries so it is essential that any employer who knows that their employees could come to harm takes all necessary measures to negate the risk of an assault in the workplace. Should they fail to do this and you are injured by an attacker as a result, you may find that you are eligible to claim compensation.

In order to claim compensation you will need to prove that the injuries you suffered in the attack came about through no fault of your own. Proving this can be more difficult than you think so it is crucial that you instruct a specialist work accident solicitor. They will first look to establish that your employer was legally obliged to protect your wellbeing in the workplace (as all employers are under health and safety legislation passed in the early 1970s and late 1990s). Secondly, they will look for evidence that your employer negligently failed to discharge this duty of care, for example by providing inadequate training in spotting hostility or failing to point the panic button out to you. Finally, they will need to prove that an attack could have been predicted as a possible consequence of such failures.

There were around 1000 serious and 5000 minor injuries recorded in 2010-11 resulting from attacks on workers by clients, patients or customers. Whilst many of these injuries ca be recovered from fairly quickly, some are sadly far more serious and in a few tragic cases even fatal.

Employers who fail to protect their employees at work resulting in them suffering injuries following violent assaults need to learn their lessons. It is therefore of paramount importance that you make a work related accident claim, both to win compensation for your own suffering and to protect other employees who would otherwise be harmed by that negligent employer in the future.

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