Can A Work Accident Claim Cause Psychiatric Damage?

If you are involved in an accident at work and pursue a claim for accident compensation, you will not expect it to lead to psychiatric damage and possibly even suicide. Unfortunately that is what happened to the claimant in the case of Corr v IBC Vehicles Ltd.

The claimant Mr Corr worked on the production line in a car parts factory. He suffered injury when an automated robot arm hit him on the side of his head with such severity that it almost decapitated him and did sever his right ear.

The effects of the injury caused Mr Corr to suffer from post traumatic stress disorder and depression. After six years he committed suicide. His wife continued his claim for compensation on behalf of his estate.

The most important issue for the court to decide was whether it was foreseeable that the injury in the workplace could lead to post traumatic stress disorder and subsequently depression. If the claimant could prove that this was a foreseeable event (and therefore caused by the accident) then the claim for compensation for Mr Corr’s subsequent death would be successful.

The insurance company defending the claim felt that the suicide was too far removed from the actual accident that led to Mr Corr being injured at work that he should not recover compensation for this part of his claim.

Evidence was submitted to the court that showed that 10% of severely depressed people attempt to commit suicide and as it was accepted by all parties that Mr Corr’s depression was caused by the accident his suicide was a direct result of it too. Therefore, his claim was successful and his wife on behalf of his estate was able to claim compensation for his death.

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