Avoiding injuries whilst working at height

As an employer, whether your employees are working at height or on the ground, it is crucial that you have health and safety measures in place to protect their wellbeing. It is particularly important to have health and safety policies regarding working from height and employers must therefore work out how accidents may happen and who could become injured as a result.

Risk assessment is central to preventing falls from height and employers should ensure that they carry out risk assessments regularly, enact necessary changes and communicated findings to staff members. If staff need to be trained in order to make their work safer then this training should be provided with the employer. These actions are essential in order to keep the number falls from height down.

Put simply, employers should keep working at height to a minimum because it is a dangerous practice. Employers have a legal duty of care to take every reasonably practicable step to protect the health, safety and wellbeing of employees at work. Too often, employers think that health and safety regulations are simply inconveniences designed to obstruct their business rather than means to protect workers. This is reflected in the high numbers of falls from height reported to the Health and Safety Executive every year.

These very simple guidelines should help to keep falls from height down:

• Work from the ground as much as possible

• Provide all personal protective equipment needed including helmets, ropes, lanyards and harnesses

• Make sure there are lifelines and anchor points and provide the boards, scaffolds and ladders needed for the work

• Provide universal safety equipment such as nets, guards and hole covers

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