Avoiding Factory Accidents

Factories are dangerous environments which can lead to injuries and compensation claims in some cases. One way for employers to be sure that they know about all risks in the workplace is to keep an accident book. Various trade bodies and the Health and Safety Executive advise employers to do so but that is of course assuming that employers are already respecting the various health and safety laws which apply to factories and the protection of employees.

A work related accident book will detail every accident which takes place in the factory and if used correctly, will enable owners/employers to monitor which areas need to be made safer. For example, if there is a high number of slips in the workplace a different surface may need to be installed or perhaps better footwear should be provided. Equally, frequent burn injuries may suggest a need for employees working on certain machines to wear gloves or for warning signs to be placed by hot machines.

Employees also play a key role in managing risks because it is essential that they communicate risks to management, avoid behaviour which may put themselves or others at risk and respect the health and safety guidance given in their training. If employees believe that a particular task is too dangerous, they can choose not to undertake it. However, they must communicate the danger to management so that changes can be made. It is also helpful if employees take simple steps to negate risks themselves provided that this does not them at risk. For example, an object in the middle of the floor which is creating a trip hazard could simply be moved rather than reported. In the time is takes to report the hazard, someone could trip and break their arm.

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