Attacks from clients, customers or patients – the consequences

There is no doubt that the last 3 decades has seen businesses move towards aggressively driving down costs whilst simultaneously demanding greater productivity from their workforce. Sadly, the people who win from this are the directors and managers who reward themselves with hefty salaries and bonuses whilst ordinary workers are left overworked and underpaid.

Some professions such as teaching, the health service or the police or prison service, require workers to be in contact with clients, customers or patients who may be prone to violence. Working in these areas can be enormously stressful and even if you have not directly suffered as a result of such violence, the threat of such an attack taking place can be very difficult to handle. Those affected by attacks may require long spells off work perhaps due to their injuries or simply because the thought of returning to work paralyses them with fear.

If an employee is attacked in their line of work it causes enormous problems for the employer as well. The damage that such an attack can do to their image can damage custom and also make it more difficult to attract new members of staff and maintain staff morale. The only areas where this is unlikely to be a problem are in the police force or prison service where the risks of attack are known by all involved.

Employers are legally obliged to take every reasonably practicable step to prevent employees being harmed at work. Failure to discharge this legal duty of care can be seen as negligence and unfortunately there were well over 300,000 employees injured in attacks by clients, customers and patients and a further 300,000 who were verbally threatened with violence. Hopefully, employers will start to engage with health and safety regulations when they realise how expensive it is to defend compensation claims.

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