Adverse Weather Injuries At Work

Slips and trips become all the more prevalent during the winter months, as snow, ice and fallen leaves all pose a threat to our health and safety. But what happens if you suffer an adverse weather injury at work? Will your employer be held liable? And will you be able to claim compensation for the pain and suffering you have experienced? We take a closer look at these questions, helping you to understand whether or not you should be taking legal action.

Adverse Weather at Work

As the winter months draw in and temperatures drop, it is important for an employer to remain aware of adverse weather conditions. This is part of their legal obligation to protect the health, safety and welfare of their workforce, and must involve the following:-

1. A system of monitoring adverse weather conditions. This will ensure employers and employees have advanced warning;

2. A system of treating surfaces affected by snow or ice (for example, with grit and salt) if adverse weather is suspected;

3. A system of warning signs, alerting employers and other visitors to slippery surfaces;

4. A system of assessing whether or not it is safe to work during periods of adverse weather;

5. The provision of specialist equipment or clothing during periods of adverse weather (for example, snow boots);

6. Clarification on the position regarding attendance during adverse weather. This is often known as an adverse weather policy, and must ensure employees are not forced to put the health at risk to attend work.

All these measures will help to reduce the risks of adverse weather at work. This is an important element of an employer’s legal duty and must not be neglected. The health and safety of staff must be a priority: if conditions make it unsafe to work, employees should not be asked to continue with their task.

Slips and Trips: Making A Claim

However, there are sadly times when an employer fails to identify the risks posed to his staff, or the risks are noted but are simply ignored. This can easily lead a member of staff to suffer a slip, trip or other type of accident during adverse weather. In such an event, the injuries sustained by an employee will be attributed to an employer’s breach of duty. This means that an employer failed to fulfil his legal responsibilities. The injured employee will therefore be entitled to make work accident claim which, if successful, will ensure compensation is awarded for the pain and suffering caused.

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