Accidents involving hazardous chemicals – the consequences

Dangerous chemicals can cause extreme physical damage. Many such chemicals will burn through body tissue or poison the bloodstream and explosive chemicals can cause significant trauma over a large area. The nature of many toxins means that they will often target certain organs and can cause cancer. All in all, the consequences of coming into contact with such chemicals can be devastating.

The severity of the damage causes will depend on various factors including:

• How long the victim was exposed to the substance

• How quickly medical treatment was administered

• How toxic the chemical was

Many victims are fortunate to enough to escape with minor burns but sadly, some people receive extreme burns, suffer organ damage or become poisoned – these serious injuries can lead to death.

Whilst it would be foolish to suggest that the majority of these injuries in the workplace are explained by employers’ failures to respect health and safety regulations, an alarmingly large number can be blamed on such negligence. Where an employer has failed to protect an employee leading them to become injured in an accident involving hazardous chemicals, the victim should seek specialist legal advice because they could be entitled to claim compensation.

It is important that negligent employers are punished in order to prevent other employers suffering similar injuries in the future. The loss of consumer confidence, hike in insurance premiums and cost of defending a compensation claim should be enough to make an employer realise that they cannot take the health and safety of their employees for granted.

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